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The Two Bridges First movement from the "Queensferry Suite".   Up-tempo musical picture of the two famous bridges over the River Forth, near Edinburgh.  Moderate: 2.41"
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The Burry Man Second movement from the "Queensferry Suite".  Musical picture of a local character from the annual Ferry Fair.  Tricky in places: 2'50"
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Margaret Third movement from the "Queensferry Suite". Slow and melodic, portraying Queen Margaret, later Saint Margaret.  Straightforward: 3'20"
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March: The Loony Dook Fourth movement from the "Queensferry Suite". Lively but quite straightforward march portraying the New Year's Day practice of running into the River Forth. 2'42"
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Highland Lullaby a very simple, slow and gentle piece in a lilting 6/8 rhythm with the feel of a traditional Scottish melody.  Easy. 3'  


Latin feel, capturing a laid-back, sunny summer afternoon. After a good meal and a refreshment, there is nothing to do but lie back and relax!   Easy.  3'    

Sundance about the Aztecs. It opens with the rising sun, goes into a lively dance, then a prayer, finishing off with the dance theme. Quite difficult.  Listen to MP3   4'  

Moscow Mule a cocktail with a strong Russian flavour. Starts slowly, gets faster, then after a tempo relapse, goes as fast as you can manage.      5 minutes: or less!  

Tivoli at Night

.. is a musical representation of an evening stroll through the magical Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen. It's in 3/4, slow and gentle, with a slightly faster middle section.   2’ 47”    


This gentle piece, mainly in 4/4, seeks to reflect something of the enigma of the Geisha. The melodic material is based on the pentatonic mode.           3’ 33”   

The Pudding Club based in a hotel in the Cotswolds. If you go, you have to eat 7 puddings in one sitting! The piece has fanfares, a jovial theme, and stately parade of the Puddings. 3’ 05”  Listen to MP3  


... no particular dream, just the mood of someone thinking about this and that.  So the mood is laid back and, well, dreamy.  Moderately difficulty.  Nearly 5'  


Jazzy feel, minor mode, suggesting spooky goings-on. Insistent walking bass, slightly syncopated tunes, horns featured in the middle section.   3’ 53    
Rock'n Orchestra strongly influenced by rock music.  It is very rhythmical, and has great toe-tapping tunes. It's easy to play, and is accessible to all standards.  3’ 15”