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Christmas Bells An original composition for brass bands in waltz tempo, featuring the imitation of bells, and lively melodies.  Not difficult, and lasting just over 3 minutes.  Listen to it here image of loudspeaker
Scrooge's Christmas is a musical picture of Dickens' Christmas Carol  (abridged) for band with optional narrator. More information here image of loudspeaker
Spanish Carols Medley A medley of 3 carols from Spain: "Fum, Fum Fum"(Fum, Fum, Fum/25th of December) Listen to excerpt , "A la Nanita Nana" (lullaby) Listen to excerpt  and "Arre Borriquito"(Go little donkey) Listen to excerpt .   c 5'30"
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BellsMore information on each of the carols is given below
Spanish Carol 1 Fum, Fum, Fum "Fum, Fum, Fum" - This is a fine little Catalan Xmas carol which is easy to play, and which should provide the opportunity for some audience participation.   Listen to excerpt   1'30" image of loudspeaker    
Spanish Carol 2  A la Nanita Nana  "A la Nanita Nana" - This is a beautiful little lullaby which is also treated as a Xmas carol.  It's not difficult, but gives a number of instruments the chance to take the melody line.    Listen to excerpt   2'24" image of loudspeaker    
Spanish Carol 3  Arre Borriquito "Arre Borriquito"     This is a jolly little children's carol from Spain, in which the rider urges his little donkey to hurry to Bethlehem. Simple and rhythmical.   Listen to excerpt 1'41" image of loudspeaker    
Get abridged lyrics and translations for the above carols here
Danish carols medley ..a medley of 3 carols from Denmark containing "Dejlig er den himmel blå", "En rose så jeg skyde"  (The world's fair rose) and "Et barn er født i Betlehem".      2’ 53” image of loudspeaker
The Loony Dook
(from Queensferry Suite)
Every New Year's Day, some hardy individuals run into the icy waters of the Forth for a "dook". They are loonies. This is my tribute to them in the form of a march.
Listen to MP3 here  2' 42"
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