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Simpler arrangements

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Spooked! Hallowe'en!  A piecefor all levels.  Jazzy feel and heavily rhythmical with lots of cued parts and piano part for rehearsal. Listen to an mp3 here on Soundcloud. PDF score here
The Majorette If you've seen a band of Majorettes in the street, then you know what inspired this march.  Easy   3’ 30”    View PDF score here
Hector's Theme Feature for 4 basses and band. It's the theme tune for Hector Bear, so very "bearish" in a lovable way. Under 3 mins. View PDF score here Listen to the orchestral version here 
Siesta semplice Latin feel, capturing a laid-back, sunny summer afternoon. After a good meal and a refreshment, there is nothing to do but lie back and relax!   Easy.  2.5 minutes    View PDF score here
Aztec Sun Dance Imagine the scene as the Aztecs prepare another victim for human sacrifice. The sun rises, the sun dance begins... c 3 mins  View PDF score here
Lochaber No More A haunting traditional Scottish folk song arranged as a solo for euphonium and band. c 3 mins  View PDF score here
Overture: Battenburg A short piece in the Baroque style from the Basset Suite. Lasts around 1 min View PDF score here
Humming Chorus This feature for cornets, then with baritones and euphoniums is a arrangement of the beautiful chorus from Puccini's opera "Madame Butterfly" Just over 2 mins View PDF score here
St Magnus &
Laudate Dominum
An arrangement (3 verses of each) of two popular hymn tunes. View PDF score here
Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana This is a simple arrangement of Mascagni's haunting tune, featuring in turn the horns, then cornets/baritones and euphs.  Lasts about 2'30"  View PDF score here
By the Waters of Babylon An arrangement of the traditional round + band introduction and accompaniment.  View PDF score here 3'
The Ticker-Tape March An up-beat march - marked @ 144bpm, but you can take it more slowly if you wish. c. 3'30" View PDF score here

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